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When I started writing this blog over a year ago, the main intention was to record how different our lives have become now that we are living in the country.  Until I started to write I never realised just how much of our life revolves around food!

And, of course, since we started to keep the pigs, ducks, hens and turkeys, it has become even more so!

But we are not alone.

We first met some of the Irish foodies when they came on a visit in June and that was a wonderful afternoon, but since then there has been so much more that has happened.  In October I went along and spent 2 days at the Savour Kilkenny festival.  At the beginning of this month, I attended the Food Photography Workshop which was delivered by Sharon Hearne Smith of Blueberry Pie and Donal Skehan of Good Mood Food Blog.

The workshop was terrific.  I learned so much in the few hours with them!  Thank you both for sharing your knowledge.  Mind you I think I will be looking at photos in cookery books completely differently from now on!  Did you know that often that wonderful looking pie may well be stuffed with tinfoil!  Or that the bowl of soup may well have a ramekin in it to prop up the veg! 🙂  I haven’t resorted to such tricks yet, but have been considering my props and have cleared an area that is now designated food photography spot!

My first attempts at setting up shots have not been terrific…. I need to practice, practice, practice!

Gooseberry Clafoutis on blue and white teatowel

Over the past year it has been wonderful to meet other people who are so passionate about food.

It has also been further indictment of how small this country of ours really is!

Meeting people like Ken from Any Given Food and realising that we’ve known each other years! or Joanna from Smorgasblog – whose Dad I used to work with!

Caroline from Bibliocook and Kristin from Dinner Du Jour have put in so much work in getting all the Irish Foodies organised.  There is now the monthly cookalong, and their most recent effort Irish Food Bloggers Association.  Well done you two, what a terrific idea.

I am sorry to be missing the next meet up in Limerick this weekend, but am looking forward to more foodie meet ups in 2011!

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On Friday last I was at the first ever Irish Food Camp which was held in Kilkenny as part of the Savour Kilkenny weekend.  It was terrific.

View of Kilkenny from Bridge

Eighty-five like minded people gathered to talk and share ideas about all things foodie.  There were four strands of talks running all day.  It was difficult to choose which to attend!  I totally missed Wendy Kavanagh from My Chef At Home’s talk on the next generation of farmers.  Sorry, Wendy, traffic, roadworks and all sorts conspired to delay my arrival!

Sally McKenna (Bridgestone Guides) and Donal Doherty (Harry’s Restaurant) shared their social media tips in the next session.  I finally got to meet Donal in person, having been chatting both on line and by phone for the past few months.  That was one of the most enjoyable things on Friday – finally getting to meet people I had only ‘spoke’ with online, but there were lots of people I didn’t get to talk to either.  Next time!

Then Kristin (Dinnerdujour) and Caroline (Bibliocook) launched the Irish Food Bloggers Association – what a wonderful idea.  All food bloggers of Ireland listed in one location.  Well done ladies on concieving the idea and bringing it to fruition.  So looking forward to watching developments.

Lunch was a fantastic affair.  Everyone brought a selection of things to be shared.  What a spread we had!  I particularly enjoyed the vegetarian terrine which Aoife of The Daily Spud brought.  There was a delicious noodle salad from Claire of An American in Ireland.  I also got to try some of Anthony’s (Ummera) smoked duck – yummy – and David Tiernan’s wonderful Glenbrehon cheese.

And then there was dessert! All sorts of chocolate brownies – Deirdre from The Food.ie brought one’s that included beetroot in them.  The dessert highlight for me though was getting the nod of approval from Gillian of Some Say Cocoa on my chocolate brownies with raspberries through them!  Now that’s surely a seal of approval!

After lunch there was a panel discussion which covered trends and happenings in the food industry in Ireland.  One interesting fact that stuck… did you know that Ireland produces 15% of the world’s baby food?

I finished off the day attending Philip McCabe’s discussion on Honey – the Oldest Known Medicine.  Gosh, what a talk.  I could have listened all day!  Philip had such a huge amount of information that he was willing to share.

There were so many other people that I got to meet – Joanna Schaffalitzky (Smorgasblog) [and to discover I used to work with Joanna’s Dad!] and Tom Watts with his Secret ingredient idea – brilliant!

I so enjoyed Friday that we travelled back on Saturday to attend the food fair on the Castle Plaza.  Again met lots of people; attended the cookery demo with Kevin Dundon – I think he met his match with his 5 year old assistant! 🙂

Kevin Dundon

I couldn’t write without say a huge ‘thank you’ to Mag Kirwan (Goatsbridge Farm) and the rest of the committee for organising such a wonderful event!  Take a big bow – you did really well.

And, of course, we couldn’t leave Kilkenny without visiting Shortis Wong’s.  I love that shop.  It is just such a treasure trove of goodies!

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