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St. Patrick’s Day is almost upon us again!  I know it is a cliche but definitely the older I get these important dates just seem to whiz around. It can’t be a year already? Can it?  🙂

I lived in Dublin for a long number of years and never attended the St. Patrick’s Day parade.

I remember going to the parade as a child living in Limerick.  My memory is of it always being freezing cold and wet, and me wearing a scratchy wool/tweed coat. Fashion queen eh?

Well, here in Redwood, the St. Patrick’s Day parade is a very serious event.  There is mega competition between the two neighbouring villages and the floats!

Our village of Lorrha (with an approximate population of 200 persons – and that’s in the parish, not just the village!) holds its very own parade every year, as does the village of Rathcabbin which is at the other side of us.  So the drama groups, the schools, every club and business has its float.  I counted over 20 floats in last year’s parade!

This year I was approached by the drama group and asked to act as MC on their float – I’d better not reveal the theme yet – I could be extradited for that!  Thankfully I graciously declined, cos next thing I was told that they had wanted me to do the whole MCing thing as Gaeilge (my Irish just ain’t that good)!

St. Patrick leads parade

I will go along to the parade though, as will everyone else in ‘the parish’ and I promise to take lots of photographs!

I haven’t decided on dinner yet for the weekend…. but here’s a suggestion!  My nieces and nephew aren’t too keen on spinach (about the only vegetable they don’t like), so this is how their Mum gets the green vegetable into them.  Ireland Mash!


  • Potatoes
  • Sweet Potato (or Carrots)
  • Spinach (or Chard, or Kale)

Quantities will depend on how many you are catering for!

Peel your potatoes, sweet potato or carrot.  Boil your potatoes and carrots (or sweet potato).   Steam your well chopped green vegetable.  Mash your potato and mix your greens through.

Et viola! Ireland Mash!  We had it last weekend with Potato, Sweet Potato and Chard leaves.

Irish Lamb Chops with Ireland Mash

Irish Lamb Chops with Ireland Mash and Mint Sauce


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