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It was Irish weather, but it was most definitely Mexican fiesta food!

Lily of The Amateur Mexican Cook (and her husband, Alan) very kindly invited members of the Irish Food Bloggers Association along to a Mexican cookery demo.  There were only a few of us who were able to go, but that meant all the more Strawberry Margaritas and wonderful food to enjoy!

I am particularly partial to Mexican food…. and have fond memories of the wonderful food my friend, Becky, cooked for us when she visited years and years ago…and she also made damn fine margaritas!

You just would not believe the wonderful menu Lily prepared.  She shared so many secrets and tips about her ‘home’ cooking.  It all seemed so easy!  As Lily explained the absolute ‘must haves’ for any Mexican cook is a blender (think Margaritas) and a Calmol (sorry Lily if I’ve spelt this incorrectly) – this is a skillet pan for cooking your tortillas!

Our afternoon started with these wonderful Strawberry Margaritas – complete with brolly!

Strawberry Margarita

So as the rain bucketed out of the heavens outside, we shared in some sunshine inside! 🙂

So while Lily prepared the main feast, we tried out three different salsas.  The Green Tomatillo Salsa was my favourite – and Lily just whipped this up in a matter of minutes right there and then!

Green Tomatillo Salsa in the making

And Lily’s tip here was to leave the chilli whole – you get the flavour but not so much of the ‘heat’.

Then it was fun time!  We were like children waiting our turn to try the tortilla making, and playing with the tortilla press!  Lily made it all so easy and of course, Alan (the main tortilla man) supervised us cooking them!

waiting our turn to cook tortillas

When we were ready to tuck into such wonders as Barbacoa (Tequila & Bay Leaf marinated Beef), Cochinita Pibil and Red Onion Pickle (Pork dish), and Rajas con Queso y Elote (Pepper, cheese and corn dish) – Lily even gave us a demonstration on how to fill, fold and hold the tortilla.  I need to get lots of practice on this…. I made a mess!

Lily explaining how to hold tortilla

Mexican feast

And we still weren’t finished eating – there was dessert!  A tradition Mexican flan (my favourite) and a Mango Pie.

Mexican flan and Mango Pie

And I almost forgot… somewhere in the middle of all that we also found time to try some Hibiscus Iced Tea!

And none of us came home empty handed!  I’ve got my corn flour ready to make proper tortillas, spice rub for my Cochinita Pibil, and I even won an gift voucher for Almacen Latino so I’ve ordered my tortilla press!

There will be a Mexican feast in Tipperary soon!

It was a great afternoon to catch up with ‘old’ friends – Caroline (Bibliocook), Kristen (Dinnerdujour) and Joanna (Smorgasblog) and her mum, and to make a new friend, David (Irish Whiskey Blog) who was blessed among women!

Thank you to Lily and Alan!

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