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We decided to try Pig’s Trotters or Crubeens as they are known in Irish for dinner the other day.

I will admit that I have never in my life eaten crubeens, and I suppose was actually quite biased against them before we even started!  All I knew about them was based on rumour and innuendo…. they smell disgusting, they are so fatty…. just nobody I know has ever cooked them!  So it was not a good omen!

None of my own cookery books had a recipe, so what do you do?  Google, of course! God Bless Google!  How did we survive without it???

So the only recipe I found that looked interesting was this one from Hugh Fernley Wittingstall which had a ‘Chinese’ twist to it.  I should mention that I have heard that there is a chef in the US who seemingly has made pig’s trotters the ‘must have’ dish in his restaurant, and is cooking them almost like a crispy duck type recipe.  Of course, I don’t have his name so wasn’t able to track down that recipe…. if anyone does know of this chef, I would love to hear about him.

So off I went with my Hugh F-W recipe.  I can honestly say, there was absolutely no horrible smell!

What did happen was that we had a lovely sauce, beautiful flavour.  However, I am not sure if it was our trotters, but there was absolutely no meat on them!  Is this because of the breed of our pigs – British Saddleback?  Or is it because our pigs are free-range and running about so much?  I don’t know…. I do know we have, I think, another 2 or 3 pairs of trotters in the freezer, so any recipes would be welcome.

And don’t worry Farmer Alfie didn’t go totally hungry that night… the trotters were served with noodles…. so it was more like noodle soup we had for dinner… he survived!

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