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We’ve lost a friend

Today we are having to face up to the fact that our beautiful dog, Harry, will probably never come home.

Harry came into our lives as a crazy little pup 6 years ago.  The first night we brought him home, he was so tiny, but boy could he howl!   He was suddenly on his own for the first time in his life, and he did not like it.  We ended up taking him to bed with us to stop the howling!!!!

Next day, we rang Alison and John, who we had got him from and asked if there was another one left.  Madness, but we just knew he wasn’t going to do well on his own.  Alison and John delivered Winnie to us the next day.

We went through the chewed shoes (Harry), gloves (Winnie), and doorframes (both), and kept hoping they would ‘grow up’.  Grow out of the ‘puppy’ stage.  They never did.  They were the best at playing hide and seek, and kept each other totally amused. Six years on, and they have never been apart.

Harry & Winnie

Harry & Winnie

Last Tuesday they both disappeared.  We had been keeping them confined as this had happened a couple of times.  However, they both managed to escape without our noticing.  We waited for a while and headed to where we thought they had gone.  No sign of them.

Back at home, we waited and waited.  They always came back for dinner.

I don’t know how many times we got up during the night to see if they were back, and to call them.  By 6.30 am we were up and on the road again searching for them.

There is over 1,000 acres of bog not far from us, and this is where we started our search.  We called and called, and walked and drove miles.  Nothing.

Back at home at 9 am I sent a text to all our neighbours asking them to keep an eye out.  Within seconds I had a call saying one neighbour thought they had Winnie.  We jumped in car, and found her in their calving shed.  She was covered in blood.  It was impossible to tell if she’d been attacked by an animal or shot.  We brought her home and cleaned her up.  Then Alfie went and walked more land and searched other sheds and buildings to see if there was any sign of Harry.

A visit to the vet with Winnie confirmed she has about 30 pellets imbedded in her face, including in her eye.

Each day since we have spent hours searching for Harry to no avail.

We know they should not have strayed.  They should not have been on the bog without us.  (The area they went to, they knew as Alfie used to keep bees there.) There were no animals in any field near where they were.

They did not chase animals (other than each other).  They were chasers of birds – crows, swifts, swallows, wagtails… all had to be chased off the lawn.

They are both gentle friendly dogs.  Winnie is a carer… babies of any breed…. she would babysit baby pigs for hours.  Harry was a big softie… he would greet you wildly in the morning, but would not go outside until he had his hug.

It sickens me to think that some cold, calculating, evil b****** shot them when a warning shot would have sufficed to send them scurrying home.  We both pray that he was killed instantly.  We don’t want to think of him in a ditch injured, and having a slow death.   He did not deserve that.

Thank you to the literally hundreds of friends, family and kind strangers who have sent messages, have shared his photo… we really do appreciate your kindness.

Harry 2010 - 2016

Harry 2010 – 2016

RIP Harry – the kindest, gentlest, most loyal of dogs, you are missed.

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The bestest of best friends! 🙂

Best Friends Harry and Missie

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Thanks to our visitor this week – Daili Perez – for taking this really cute photo!

Rua (the cat) sitting on top of gate teasing Harry & Winnie!

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A dog’s life

Here in Redwood we can be a bit soppy about our dogs!

Have you read the book – Marley & Me?  I took it on holidays with me – perfect holiday reading I thought. Except I came to the ‘sad’ part on the flight home – wept, no sobbed, all the way home!  I’m sure the flight attendants thought I was some crazy woman crying over a holiday romance!

When I was growing up there was always a dog in the house.  We had Loopy – who mysteriously ran off to live on a farm!  Purdy – the best dog ever.  She could open and close doors, bring the post upstairs, go get the paper… a general wonder dog!  Then there was Holly – the big black labrador – just a big old softie!

When I moved into my own place, I thought about having a dog, but living on my own, going off to work everyday, I figured it wasn’t going to be very fair on a dog.

So when A came along – with a little bit (just a tiny bit) of pestering, we got a dog!  Kind of by accident really.  A went to a local mechanic to get the car serviced and there was this little pup who had just wandered in and taken up residence.  It was March so we reckoned he had been someone’s Christmas present – now dumped.

So of course we took him home rather than have him go to the pound.

Buddy - black and white dog

Buddy became a huge part of our ‘family’.  He was a bit mad (not quite as bad as Marley).  I remember him pulling clothes off the line, he figured out how to get out of those ‘body’ leads. I never figured out how he did, but one time he buried a whole round of cheese in the veg garden – the smell when I discovered that!

There was another time we went out for an evening and as it was winter we thought we’d leave him inside – nice and warm.  We were delayed getting home and dreaded the devastation that might await us.  No worries!  Buddy had pulled cushions down off the couch and made himself extremely comfortable in front of the fire!

My lovely suburban garden that I had lovingly tendered, in a few short months was destroyed with his racing about.  Despite the fact that every morning I fell out of bed at 6.50 am and took him for a long walk on the beach, and then walked him again in the evenings – he ran circles around the garden all day!

When it came to moving to Redwood, we dreaded the journey.  Buddy had this irritating habit of whining in the car.  We had a 2 hour journey ahead of us.  It was suggested we give him a sleeping tablet.  We did.  It kicked in 2 days later!

First thing he did on arriving at our new home – lift the leg on the end of the stairs.  He had claimed the house as his own.

Buddy loved living here.  Loved the visit of the postman – oh, that van smells of every dog in the parish! In fact, he loved any visitors – especially children – they were most likely to drop food on the floor, or the food in their hands would be just within reach!  And visitors were an easy target with ‘squeeky’…. he could wait for hours for someone to play and throw for him.

Buddy with yellow squeeky


We were both absolutely devastated when in July 2010 Buddy was diagnosed with cancer. We had thought he was putting on weight and were feeding him less and exercising him more.  Thankfully it was quick, he lasted only 3 days.

We brought him home and buried him in his favourite spot – where he could keep an eye on everything that was going on around here.

It took months for us to decide about replacing him – well we never could really.  But living in the country, you need a dog.

In October 2010 – Harry arrived.  He howled the first night or two – and yes we gave in and let him sleep upstairs in our room.  He was so tiny and small.

Harry on bed

And, of course, we felt he could do with some company… so his sister, Winnie, came to live here too.

Winnie sitting in snow

A moment of pure madness really – 2 pups – double the amount of devastation.

Harry loves my shoes! 5 pairs I’ve lost now!

Winnie is more partial to socks and gloves, and she doesn’t mind if their mine or A’s!

Harry also loves to pluck feathers from hens – not interested in ducks – just hens!

They are now 17 months old…. teenagers, I guess, in dog terms…. so when will the devastation stop?


Pictures of innocence, eh?



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