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This past week our papers were full of such horrific animal cruelty stories.  There was the story of 116 puppies found in a container and about to be shipped off to the UK market, there was the farmer in Wicklow who got away with mis-treating his animals, and then there was this case of incredible atrocities to pigs.

Happy pigs, grazing pigs

Happy pigs, grazing pigs

I don’t know how many times I’ve been asked…. ‘oh, how could you eat the pigs? They are so cute.’

One poor lady over on Facebook, got abused from a height recently because she put up a photo of her pigs at their feeding trough.  It was a rearview photo of the pigs, and her caption was ‘nice hams’.  Now I could see exactly what she meant – they were nice hams.  However, others thought her cruel and were quite abusive about her looking at the pigs in such a way.  For heavens sake, folks!

We, as humans, need protein in our diet.

Yes, I can see all those vegetarians and vegans jumping up and down right now saying that doesn’t mean we have to eat animals.  Well settle down.  You may have chosen not to eat animal flesh and that is your right.

I, however, will never ever give up meat.  I enjoy it too much.  I will have ‘meat-free’ days, but that’s about the limit of it.

And in answer to that other question ‘are you not sad to see the pigs go off to the abattoir?’.  No.

There are two things we know.

One – the animal has had a good life here.  It has eaten well, run around the field, played with its companions and slept in a nice warm bed.  It has stayed in bed all day if the weather isn’t nice.  It has had time to lie out in the sun, and get sunburn, if it is a nice day.  Why should we feel bad about this?

Secondly – we know that the abattoir that we take the animals too, makes their death a good one.

And to all those vegetarians who get high and mighty on social media telling me that cruelty to animals is why they don’t eat meat, I would say this.

You are bowing out.  You are just opting out.

Why not take up the challenge and fight for animal welfare.  Instead of not eating meat, why not consider sourcing your meat from a humane farm.  Ensure that these unique rare breeds don’t vanish.  Help fight the battle against such cruelty.

And to those who nip into the supermarket and pick up the latest ‘good value’ cheap meat product…. think about how the animal was reared and treated and more importantly what it was fed. What has been fed to the animals is what you are feeding yourself and your family.

You can make a difference.

You just need to want to make that difference.



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