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Here in Redwood I’ve been experimenting on your behalf.  I know you’ll be disappointed that I won’t be sending you on a jar of this jam…. but trust me it is so easy to make.

We are having such a weird summer – it is really a non-summer!

This has affected our fruit plants so so much.

Our strawberries are only starting to come on now (mid-July) when we usually would have them at the beginning of June! We’ve had a super bumper crop of raspberries and gooseberries.  However, the currents, both black and red, have not been so good.

I’ve been known to pick 12 lbs of fruit off of one red current bush, but this year we just had a few pounds.

This summer berry jam I made last year to use up fruit that was in the freezer…. and of course I didn’t write down the recipe! Doh!

Raspberries, blackcurrents and smallest strawberries

So we’ve had a couple of testing experiments in the kitchen over the past week.  This is the result!

Jar of summer berry jam on black slate


  • 1 lb redcurrents
  • 1/2 lb raspberries
  • 1/4 lb blackcurrents
  • 1/4 lb strawberries (we have the tiniest, almost like wild strawberries, at the moment)
  • 2 lbs sugar


Warm sugar in oven.

Top, tail and wash fruit as necessary.  Place in large heavy based pan and heat gently until fruits start to release juices.

Add in warmed sugar, stirring continuously until completely dissolved.  Bring to boil and boil rapidly for 10 mins.

Take a spoonful and test for ‘setness’.

Pour carefully into sterilised, warm jars.  This amount makes approx. 4 to 5 jars.

The resulting jam is a bitter/sweet mix…. I am enjoying it on toast in the morning.

Enjoy! 🙂


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It is (almost) just as well that we have had monsoon like weather this weekend!  I have spent nearly the whole weekend in the kitchen.

As the rain has been pouring down here, we have taken any opportunity when it stops to rush out and gather some more fruit and/or vegetables.

So far this past week, we have harvested



converted to Lemon Cake a la Daily Spud and just a couple of pots of Raspberry Jam, and a yummy Clafoutis.

Raspberry & Blackcurrant Clafoutis



and more redcurrants

a total of 12 lbs!  An awful lot of them!  So there’s been Redcurrant Jelly and another Lemon Cake! Pounds and pounds put in freezer for later in the year and some shared with En Route. Anyone got any nice recipes for Redcurrants to share?


There’s Blackcurrant Schnapps, home-made Ribena from a Ballymaloe recipe, and Blackcurrant Jam and a few thrown into that Clafoutis.  And there are still 2 more bushes to be harvested!

Blackcurrant Jam

Home-made Ribena


They’re now a Gingered Gooseberry Chutney using a recipe I haven’t tried before from Denis Cotter’s book Wild Garlic, Gooseberries and me!


Gingered Gooseberry Chutney

And then the highlight of the weekend…. and I’m not sure you would describe this as part of ‘harvesting’…. but we had the first of our own duck for dinner last night!

It was amazing, best duck ever!

Just roasted simply with some honey and herbs (again from a Ballymaloe recipe) and served with salad – all from our own garden – and some new potatoes.

Roast Duck

Salad from the garden

So how has your weekend been?

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