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Remember that rant which someone described as a ‘first world’ problem….. all about those rubber gloves deteriorating in the same spot and being overloaded with left-hand gloves?  It was amazing the reaction to that post…. it would seem I am not the only one who gets bothered by such trivia 🙂

I have the solution……

Yes, thanks to Anne-Marie over at Warm & Snug & Fat….. thank you Anne-Marie!

It is so simple, you are all going to be blown away by just how simple it is…..

Drum roll…..

ta da…..

Rubber Gloves update

Just turn one of your many left-hand gloves inside out and there you have a perfect working right-hand glove 🙂

Now why didn’t I think of that??????

So for all of you who throw both gloves out when one goes…. no need to!

Oh and by the way, the other interesting thing – well I think it interesting – none of the companies mentioned in the original post have commented.  I reckon they aren’t interested, and don’t even have a google alerts set up for their brand name…. crazy!!!!

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