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Dear Auntie Laura (3)

I hope you haven’t forgotten about me, Auntie Laura!  I’ve been so busy here, I’ve just not had time to write to you.

My eleven babies have all grown well and are all fine strong pigs now.  The first few months are always the worst with babies, but now at least they are reaching the age when they can fend for themselves…. and I will hopefully have some peace.

Piglets at water trough

Where do I start to fill you in on what’s been happening here?

Since your visit I don’t think we’ve had a single day when it hasn’t rained.  Can you imagine what my house was like?  Me, the 2 bachelors and 11 babies in one house! Oh lord, the mud!

I had to get the humans to move our house one weekend, the garden was destroyed and there was mud everywhere.  Trying to keep the place clean was impossible!  The new garden is nice and a lot drier too!

The two bachelors moved out a couple of weeks ago.  That was a relief I can tell you.  They were really terribly untidy.  I’m not sure where they’ve gone off to … I heard mention of pig pastures in the sky… but I’m not fully sure what that means.  I am just relieved to have them gone out of the house.

Then just last week, four of my girls moved to Limerick.  They were four fine girls and I know they’ll enjoy living in Limerick.  The family that came to get them had two very small humans who seemed to be very excited to see the girls.  Can you imagine the girls got to travel to Limerick in the back of a jeep – not in a trailer! In the back of the jeep!  I hope they behaved and didn’t make a mess!

All this moving about means that we’ve plenty of space in the house now, which of course has meant I also have time to write to you.

But guess what happens, now that I have a bit of space …. the hens have decided to come on a daily visit!

Have I told you about our neighbours here? We have dogs, cats, hens, ducks, other pigs, and the goats!

Did you meet the goats when you visited?

We have 2 goats living in the paddock next door – Mars and Snickers.

At first we all that it would be fun to have them living next door.  However, I’ve changed my mind!  They are the moaniest pair ever!  I mean I don’t like the rain, but what can we do, we just have to get on with it and make the most of when the weather is dry.  Mars and Snickers all they do is bla bla bla bla the minute the rain starts.  It would drive you demented!  I often pretend I don’t see them at the fence when they come to talk!

Oh no! It has started to rain again, so the gang have all come back indoors! I’d better finish off now.

They send you their love too!



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