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We are now in November, but on the last day of October I took a walk around the (very neglected) garden and this is what was in bloom.

I know we’ve had an extremely hot summer, but seriously so many of the plants seem to be so utterly confused as to what season it is.

Is it climate change, or is that all just fake news?






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Church flowers

The amount of laughs and giggles the following statement brings about is amazing.

“I have to go do the church flowers”

I have uttered this sentence a few times recently and brought much hilarity to others lives!

Chuch Flowers

Firstly, let me say I am not religious.

We do have a lovely, tiny church right next door to us which I generally only go to on Christmas morning!

So why do I do the flowers…. because a neighbour asked me to help out with the ‘Altar Society’.  I know I still have to learn to say ‘no’.  But what would you do?  We live in a small community and I do it to be neighbourly and part of the community.  It is only for 2 months of the year  – it seems I get to do March and September.

Carmel and I have a good system working now.  Carmel hates doing the flowers – so she cleans and tidies – and I do the flowers.

I do wish I had more flowers in my garden though.  I am working on it!  I refuse to go buying flowers, so I scour my own garden and the hedgerows every week.

There has been lots of honeysuckle, montbretia and fuschia this month.  I’ve even been known to use the flowers from the broccoli that has bolted 🙂

And just to prove how un-religious I am…. I got a bit of telling off in March when I put flowers in the church.  Seemingly you are not supposed to put flowers in church during Lent….. one should wallow in total misery!!!

Church Flowers

So I’ve learned something new!

So while I am doing the Church Flowers for non-religious, neighbourly reasons…. I am bringing much fun and laughter into friends’ lives too!



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