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Today we had a visit from a group of French Agricultural students, thanks to our friends, Caroline and Zoe, at Equipeople.

French Students

The students had only arrived in Ireland yesterday, so today was their first day of farm tours.  They will be staying in Ireland until Monday next and visiting many different farms and farming groups.  This morning had been spent at Gurteen College, and after us they were off to visit a fish farm.  They will certainly return to the Central Massif area with a broad overview of Irish Agriculture.

Questions & Answers

Farmer Alfie spoke to them about our pigs and how we are growing them without any GM, hormones or anti-biotics.  The students were full of questions about costings, return on investment, regulations here versus regulations in France.  They were keen to know costings of producing 1 kg of pork compared to the per kg cost we are selling at.   Lots of note taking going on!  Perhaps Farmer Alfie has influenced some future French farmers! There was one pig farmer in the group so there was some sharing of knowledge too!

Getting up close with pigs!

It was fun to have such an interested group here… and in typical Irish weather form, the sun disappeared and the wind picked up, so you can see from the photographs people were cold!

One student made a new friend while he was visiting….. he will be missed!

Buddy and his new friend!

We hope the students and their teachers have a wonderful stay in Ireland!

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