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For the sceptics out there…..

I had missed Jamie Oliver’s programmes prior to Christmas but watched them on Youtube just a day or two before Christmas…. and he suggested that free-range turkeys need less cooking!  I asked various ‘cheffy’ experts and they all couldn’t understand why this would be so.  In the end we decided to risk cooking according to Jamie’s instructions (Dad had brought his meat thermometer, just in case!).  So on to the Big Green Egg bbq with the 12 lb turkey and off it came 90 minutes later, wrapped it up in tinfoil and big bath towel – all still according to Jamie – and sat down to a really lovely roast turkey dinner and hour or so later.

My photograph of dinner didn’t come out the best so I won’t share it with you – but Farmer Alfie and I were particularly proud to sit down to Christmas dinner and it was all our own produce!

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I know this is just such an American thing to do – write the annual letter to send to friends and relatives throughout the world with the Christmas card.  I hadn’t done so in many years and definitely had not planned to do so this year, but as time is rapidly running out and I still haven’t all the cards sent I thought this might be a solution and would also be more eco-friendly!

I cannot believe how disorganized I am for Christmas this year.  Normally with a week to go I would at least have my cards sent!  This year, I not only do not have them all sent, but I haven’t even got the cards yet!  Ordered, but not yet delivered!

Today we went to at least buy the Christmas Trees, and cannot believe it but no Christmas Trees on sale in Birr today.  Farmer Alfie is suggesting that the trees are all sold out, but I am presuming that they are perhaps only being sold at the weekend.  I am remaining optimistic that we will get trees at the weekend!  I refuse point blank to go the artificial route…

To update on this year…. it has been a rather mixed year.  Worked dried up for Alfie, so he changed careers and became Farmer Alfie – happy out with his pigs.  And then of course, there were the hens, turkeys and goats – there are more details of the antics with them throughout the blog.

I moved jobs to Nenagh and worked with Tipperary North County Enterprise Board until the end of August, and have been looking at various options since then.

The highlights of the year here at Oldfarm – we finally got our ‘stoop’ done.  The name varies from verandah to porch but I rather like the American ‘stoop’.  It started in June and now looks really well.  We’ve even put Christmas lights and a tree out there, so it is looking really well. Unfortunately, it was September before it was finished so we really haven’t got a chance to enjoy it that much.

It would have been nice to have it for the visit of friends, Valerie and Chris in April. Valerie and Chris were home on holiday from Australia and travelled for their first visit to Redwood with another friend Mary.  After a lovely dinner, and quite a few drinks, it seemed like a good idea to go and watch the stars from the very incomplete stoop.  So the outdoor heaters were fired up and we all wrapped up in layers of jackets and rugs and sat outside – I know the neighbours thought we were quite mad!

Other visitors this year included Siobhra and Olivier with their baby, Marc.  Then we had Bernadette and Philip visit.

All the family were here for Easter which was fun.  Our Easter Egg tree obliged with lots of Easter Eggs, and we even had an Easter Egg hunt this year.

I will give complete accounts of all these happenings and events as they happen throughout 2010.

To those who I haven’t sent Christmas Cards to – our apologies.  We are thinking of everyone, and wish you all a very happy Christmas and a wonderful new year.

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