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Who doesn’t love sponge cake?  And yet it is so seldom seen as an option in cafes or restaurants.  I guess it is just perceived as too ‘old-fashioned’ but hey, sometimes old-fashioned is good folks!

Classic Sponge Cake

Classic Sponge Cake

When we were growing up …. sponge cake was a regular treat, especially for birthdays.  My Mum bless her never quite mastered sponge cakes – but then she did make the best pastry ever – so you can’t be great at everything.

Since we’ve had our own hens and ducks I have learned that sponge cake is made even more delicious when made with duck eggs…. the sponge is so much airier and lighter.

So here’s my recipe for a deliciously light sponge cake…


  • 220 g/8 oz. spelt flour (or you could use self-raising flour)
  • 4 tsp. baking powder (if you are using self-raising flour just use half the quantity, i.e. 2 teasp.)
  • 220 g/8 oz. soft butter.
  • 220 g/8 oz. caster sugar
  • 4 duck eggs
  • a few drops of vanilla essence (optional)

Sandwich Filling:

  • Whatever your heart desires…. only limited by your imagination!  I generally use whipped cream and fruit, or jam.


Grease and line 2 x 9 inch sponge tins with parchment paper.

Preheat oven to 170 deg C/325 deg F/Gas Mark 3.

Sift your flour and baking powder into large bowl…. allowing plenty of air to get into the mixture.  Add the butter, sugar, vanilla essence and eggs whisking all the time until light and fluffy.

Divide the mixture between the two lined tins.  Level off the mixture and bake in the oven for 30 minutes.  Allow to cool slightly before turning out onto a wire rack and gently peeling off the parchment paper.

When cool enough place one half on plate and dollop on your sandwich filling. Place other half on top, decorate or sprinkle with icing sugar.

Now time to go put the kettle on.

Sponge cake with whipped cream and raspberries

Sponge cake with whipped cream and raspberries

Enjoy 🙂

(And should you need to…. you can freeze this cake even with the filling in it…. I’ve been known to do that too.  It is not quite as nice as just baked but it isn’t bad at all)

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Lots have been asking me recently how the ‘Honesty Table’ is going.  Well folks, it is over a year since I started leaving the eggs at the gate, and it is going really really well.

You wouldn’t believe the excitement when I made that first sale!  You’d think I was on my way to being a millionaire 🙂

Some days we are completely sold out of eggs, and I am practically wandering around after the hens waiting for them to lay 🙂  (You think I’m joking???)

Honesty Table

I’ve even got to know some of my customers.  During that extremely beautiful and hot summer we had, I felt it was too hot to leave the eggs out, so had to leave a note for people to call up to the house…. and they did.

One local farmer comes every single Monday evening – brings back his empty egg box and takes his fresh eggs.  Another man drives a 30 mile round trip every second week to buy a couple of dozen.  I have met people on the street that I didn’t know before telling me how delicious the eggs are!

So if you’ve ever thought about having an ‘honesty table’…. my advice ‘go for it’!  We are on a very rural road with hardly any passing traffic and it works.  Mind you I did have to put a sign explaining the concept of the ‘honesty table’.

I have thought, but not been brave enough to add other things to the ‘table’….. yet.

Would people go for excess herbs or vegetables?  The ducks egg haven’t sold at all which I found strange as they are wonderful for baking.

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