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So do you?  Do you ‘dine’ at home?

We do.

There are two of us in the house who enjoy good food.

Breakfast and lunch are hit and miss as to whether we will both sit down together.  It all depends on what’s happening around the place.

However, when it comes to dinner, unless one of us is away, we always sit down together.

We will do the prep for dinner together, lay the table, light the candles and sit down and chat about what’s gone on in the day, or what’s happening tomorrow.

I know some people think we’re a bit crazy doing this.  Cos yes, I do insist on using nice serving bowls and making the food look good too!

And the right cutlery too!

As they say ‘it is all about presentation’!!!

I grew up in a house where table manners and using cutlery in the correct way were paramount.  I have been known to comment to complete strangers who put their knives in their mouth! Yikes!  We would be killed for doing that! It still sends shivers down my spine!

My Nana (with us) and my Mum (with her grandchildren) always even insisted if you were having a biscuit it must be on a plate!  No wondering about with your food in your hand!

So what happens in your home?  Do you all sit down together for meals?


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