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Last Wednesday we took time out to go and walk around someone else’s patch!  Always nice to do!

We travelled to just outside Urlingford which is right on the border of Kilkenny and Tipperary.  I’m not sure if we were ended up was in Tipperary or Kilkenny!  No matter it was a beautiful meadow and wildflower space.

Thank you to Robert and his family for allowing 45 strangers traipse around their farm! They also have 2 mad brother and sister puppies who obviously have some English Setter blood in them….. they were so like our mad two!

We were greeted by Sandro Cafollo of Design by Nature, who is so so passionate about wild and meadow flowers.  Boy, the man has such a knowledge of the wild flowers of our countryside.  I was blown away!  We all take these so much for granted.  Walking by beautiful flowers in a hedgerow without giving them a second glance.  Sandro instead is preaching to anyone who will listen about how we should be preserving our wildflowers.  Well done!  Keep it up!

Sandro Cafollo in meadow

As someone asked what is the difference between a wild flower and a weed?  Well a weed is only a flower in the wrong place!


Corn Cockle with Corn Marigold in background

Ox Eye Daisies

I am sure my Granny called these guys Dog Daisies?


We also got to meet the ‘real’ people behind blogs, Facebook and Twitter profiles – which is always such a pleasure to do! We met Dee from GreensideUp, Stasia from Our Smallholding and Lily from Silverwood Ireland

We came home all fired up enough to go for a walk around the paddocks trying to identify what we had growing here.

I haven’t quite identified them all yet, but I am delighted we have Scarlet Pimpernel growing which is on the ‘endangered’ list!

I must take the camera out and photograph those that are here…. I will update this post later with photos from our patch.

Next time you are out and about – stop and enjoy the wild flowers! They are part of our heritage!

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