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Oh Auntie Laura I am so so excited!

My humans thought I was very peculiar when I said I wanted to write to you.  They didn’t think you’d want to hear about my babies… but I just had a feeling you would!

And now you’ve written back to me!

You must be the kindest human in the world!  I want the whole world to see your letter to me!

And you’ve been on a plane – wow!  I’ve never seen one of those things, I’ve heard the noise the make alright, but did you know that a pig can squeal louder than a plane?  Isn’t that something?  I can give you a demonstration when you visit.

And you’ve thought of names for my babies!  I think I like the sound of this Beatrix Potter human, she must have been very clever.


I’ve had a brilliant idea!

You are coming to visit which has me jumping about with excitement (but I have to conceal it from the babies).  You know what children are like if you tell them something… I’d never hear the end of it… “is she here yet?”…. “how many more sleeps?” …. they would surely drive me crazy!

My brilliant idea is that when you visit we can sit down together and decide who shall be named what!  Would you like to do that?

Is the end of June a long way away?  Do you live far away?

I am so looking forward to finally meeting you!  Maybe you will send me a photograph of you, but I know you will be different from other humans and I will know you instantly.

By the way I am not sure about this Matt human… pigletnap indeed! I shall be keeping a close watch on him!

lots of hugs and kisses,


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Dear Auntie Laura,

I hope you don’t mind me calling you ‘Auntie Laura‘?  I just feel that I can call you Auntie because you’ve given me my name!  And I do so love it, I think it quite suits me really.

It’s a cuddly kind of name – which I am.  Some humans might not think so, but I am, really I am.

When are you coming to visit?

Did my humans tell you that I had babies last week?  Eleven of them.  I am rather proud of them.  They are quite a handsome bunch.  They are white with grey stripes, and ginger with grey stripes. Here are some of the first photographs taken of them.

Jemima's babies at 1 week old

Do you think you could help me with names for them?

Eleven names is an awful lot of names!  I heard the humans say that 11 is the number you need for a football team…. BUT, excuse me, pigs don’t play football.

I’ve heard say that we’d probably be quite good at rugby though.  We are very good at ducking, diving, and side-stepping, so I guess that is what they mean.  How many are on a rugby team?  Would 11 be enough?

The babies are growing up so, so fast.  They come outdoors with me every day, and have started on solids already.  Some of them are already starting to get picky about what they eat!  Do you have the same problem with humans?

Jemima's babies deciding what's for dinner?

I’ve had so many visitors since the babies were born.  A nice human called Mona took these photographs when she visited last week (I believe she’s actually quite famous!).  She had some small humans with her.  I liked them an awful lot.  They brought me extra nice things to eat – apples, oranges and bananas.  I hope they come visit again.

Well, that’s all the news from me for this week.  I am quite busy.

I hope you’ll come visit me soon, before the babies get all grown up.


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