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Next week we will be in the house 7 years…. and only this week have I finally got around to unpacking the last box of books!

I’ve now run out of bookshelves again.  Another trip to Ikea is called for.

Some questions came into my mind while I was unpacking!

How can 2 people accummulate so many books?

Why do I feel so guilty about getting rid of, i.e. giving books to a charity shop?  I am never going to read them again.

What is this compulsion to keep so many books?

I was accused of being pedantic because I sorted my books in alphabetical order!  Is there another way to do it?  I have to admit I had even packed them into their boxes in alphabetical order – is that completely sad?

So, I went about the house, into each room and photographed the books!  Here is the result and this doesn’t include the books on bedside lockers waiting to be read. There are books in every single room.

two shelves of gardening books and dictionaries

Gardening books & Dictionaries

Three shelves of Cookery Books

Cookery Books

three shelves of books

three shelves of books

3 more shelves of books

Bathroom books

Books on window sill

books on Billie bookcase

and just to prove it – these are the one’s that are going to charity shop

books in cardboard box

And yes, I have read most of the books.  I have rediscovered some in the unpacking that I want to read again, and some that I haven’t read.  Where did I find the time to read?  I don’t know, but will have to start finding time again.  I haven’t even been to the library in months!

One book I unpacked was the Concise Oxford Dictionary of Quotations.  So to finish a quote

“Another damned, thick, square book!”

William Henry, Duke of Gloucester

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