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This is the third option on the Christmas liqueurs that I make. It is so simple and straight forward, it really and truly is.

You have the Cointreau and Limoncino recipes both of which require a bit of planning ahead. This liqueur can be made and be ready to serve on the same day. The original recipe came from Paolo Thullio’s book. The addition of the cream is my idea. Plenty of time for you to make a batch for Christmas!

I’ve seen lots of posts recently sharing recipes for homemade ‘Baileys’, but they all use so many ingredients. One recipe had like 10 ingredients. This has four!!!


  • Half litre strong black coffee
  • Half litre vodka
  • 200 grams sugar
  • Cream


Make your coffee and while still hot dissolve the sugar in the coffee. Stir it well to make sure the sugar is dissolved.

Add your vodka to the coffee/sugar mix. Shake well.


When it comes to serving it, you can enjoy as is with an ice-cube in it. Or for a more decandent drink, chill your liqueur in the fridge for a while, then pour equal amounts of coffee and cream into your glass.

Go make this now and be ready for Christmas.


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