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I had a disaster in the kitchen the other day.  I had an abundance of eggs, and thought I’d make some ice-cream.  In fact, I had so many eggs I was going to make a double quantity batch of ice-cream.

I make this ice-cream so often and it has never ever gone wrong on me!  However, last week it decided it was time to defy me.

The damned egg whites and sugar would just not whip up.  You know those minutes you keep looking at the whisk and thinking it is going to work…. but then it doesn’t.  As I said I had a huge amount of eggs so I was able to crack another 8 egg whites and make my ice-cream successfully.

I was so angry about the eight egg whites and sugar mix, I couldn’t bring myself to throw them out immediately.

I wondered would the dogs eat it.  I’d bet they’d have loved it.

I knew the pigs would love it.

I held my decision making until the following day, and decided there must be something I could do with them.  And, yes, there was…. coconut macaroons and white angel chocolate chip cupcakes.

Coconut Macaroons and Angel Cupcakes

Coconut Macaroons and Angel Cupcakes

You have to visualise the process that I went through…. weighing the egg and sugar mixture, dividing by 8, scooping out the sticky mess and making sweet treats!!  Crazy or what?

The macaroons were a major hit.  In fact, if I’m truthful they were addictive and I will definitely have to try to make them again.  The cupcakes???  I didn’t like them so much, but others did and they were all eaten. 🙂

Have you had kitchen disasters?  How have you recovered?



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