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I know! I know! ¬†I am very very late with my letter but you see we’ve been really busy getting Christmas Hams out to so many people all over the country…. we may well have to enlist your help next year for deliveries. ūüôā ¬†So here’s what the various members of the household would like for Christmas (and honestly we have been very good).


Alfie: ¬†where do I start? ¬†His list would probably go along the following lines……. a LandRover defender jeep, ¬†a Ford 10 tractor with a front loader, a¬†Husqvarna rotavator (in fact anything that is on the Mole Valley Farmers site – he’s been drooling over the site for days!), a new roof for the fuel shed (blown off in the recent storm), self-feeders for the pigs, a new trailer. Oh and definitely no mud (this is a request I’m not sure you can fulfil)…… ¬†you see his list is very, very long.

Rua:  the queen cat would probably be quite happy if you could just get rid of the other cat in the house, Missie.

Missie: ¬†would love food….. lots of food.

Winnie: ¬†well she’s the dog that likes to lick and to mind babies…. baby pigs, baby hens…. babies of any description… so perhaps a baby doll?

Harry: ¬†bones…. lots of bones….. big ones would be particularly nice.

The hens: ¬†they’re quite content really…. maybe just a couple of new nesting boxes would be good.

The ducks: ¬†well, I’ve told them that Santa has come early to visit them, and that you brought them the great big pond that the floods have formed on the front lawn. ¬†They are delighted! ¬†They just love it!

The pigs: ¬† most of them are quite happy. ¬†However, I suspect that Perky and Pinky wouldn’t mind a little weekend break with Polonius (separately of course!).

And then there’s my list…..

what can I say?

It’s simple really….

A HOLIDAY, with no cooking and cleaning, and lots of time to read and chill.

That’s it Santa, have a safe journey on 24th and Happy Christmas.

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Friday Photo

It has been a crazy week here in Redwood. ¬†We’ve been busy getting Christmas hams out and in between times I was making gifts for friends. ¬†Rather proud of this hamper ūüôā


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