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Yes, it is a bit of self-promotion!  Sorry!

We were chatting here last night, and I just realised I’ve never done this.  I have never blatantly promoted any of what we do here as ‘Oldfarm’.  So why not?  Why not break the rules and tell you what we have and do.

You don’t have to read, but I think you will find some of our ideas funky and interesting.

  1. Pork & Bacon   –  this is the main stay of our smallholding.  Some of you will be aware that this year we’ve had to review how we do business.  In olden times we used to just sell the pork/bacon in small lots.  However, due to Alfie’s heart issues we’ve changed the business model and now ‘grow to order’.  Those who booked their half or full pig for 2017 have started to come and collect their meat.  Why not indulge someone with a gift voucher that will last a whole year long!

    Half butchered pig. Photo courtesy of @DayDreamFoodie

  2. Lamb  … well hogget really.  Just like above we will grow a half or full lamb and have it butchered to your instruction, ready to pop in the freezer next October/November.
  3. Pig-rearing Courses … gift certificates for pig rearing are always popular.  Santa has brought lots of day courses to people over the past few years…. and they’ve always been appreciated. (€90.00)
  4. Hand-knit piggies … these are a new addition to the repertoire.  Great stocking fillers for the big or little person. (€12.50)

    A Knitted replica of our first boar, Clarence!

  5. Calendar 2018… this is the fourth year we have produced a calendar.  I have taken all photographs which are of our life here.  We’ve also included a couple of recipes. (€10.00)
  6. Bread making Course … this is a new course we introduced in 2017, and is very popular with our B&B guests.  In 2 hours, you will learn how to make at least 3 different breads.
  7. Overnight Stay …. treat yourself and/or someone else to a weekend in the country.  We can do a package to include bed and breakfast and dinner… come and relax in Tipperary.

So, plenty to think of as ‘alternative’ Christmas gifts.  Comment below or send me an email if you’d like more detail.

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Christmas Gifts

It has been a truly manic week here!

I thought I was prepared.  House was clean.  Christmas tree was up (if not fully decorated).  And then we started to ship out the Oldfarm ham and pork orders!

I don’t know where the days disappeared to.  So although I was here almost every day, nothing and I mean, NOTHING, got done.  The house did manage to get untidy and dusty again!  The Christmas tree was finished a week later!!!!!

So next year I will do things differently!!!  I think I’ll have a live-in chef who will keep pots of tea going all day, and have dinner ready about 8 every evening, and I’ll have elves and fairies who will keep the house clean.  It’s good to dream 🙂

In the midst of all that mayhem there were some lovely moments.

We’ve got some beautiful Christmas gifts.

Christmas Gifts

So thank you to Maree for the beautiful Christmas cake, which I didn’t really get to taste as someone else in the house devoured it!!!!  We are looking forward to trying your apple and cranberry chutneys.

Thank you to Karen at Follow the Food Link for the delicious home-made candied peel and Spiced Arancello… now that’s something to savour!

Thanks to Mona and Ron over at Wisewords for the Mexican Christmas Cookies – they’re all gone 🙂

Aren’t the shoe ornaments that Lorna at Garrendenny Lane sent us just devine?

Don’t you just love those two love birds?  Well they were handmade by Sile of Silelooksup…. they are so so lovely.

And then I had to include the Christmas card that Catherine of MumofInvention sent…… think she got him in one!!!!

Thank you to everyone.

We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!


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