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It’s been just over a year since we started out on the AirBnB road.  It has been interesting.  It has been fun.  We’ve learnt lots along the way.

We’ve had people from all over the place …. from USA, Canada, Australia, UK, Ireland and Germany.  My geography of both the USA and Canada is certainly improving!

We’ve met strangers who have left as friends.  We’ve met other AirBnB hosts.

We’ve shared many stories, many bottles of wine and lots of food.

We worried initially about informing our US guests that our rooster was called ‘Obama’ – he’s a rather handsome rooster.  We need not have worried…. they find it highly amusing 🙂

Obama - the rooster

Obama – the rooster

Our US guests do find it most unusual that we live on an ‘unnamed’ road (yes, folks that’s what it says on Google Maps!).  Unfortunately, there is absolutely nothing I can do to rectify that.

There have been many discussions about the rain…. how do we know when it is going to rain?????  We’ve explained that our forty shades of green is the result of our forty different types of rain.  All guests arrive laden with rain coats, rain hats and umbrellas and are intrigued that I own none of the above!!!

We’ve had impromptu cookery lessons…. showing visitors how to make pancakes, poach eggs and make Irish soda bread.

ta da!  I've made Irish Soda Bread

ta da! I’ve made Irish Soda Bread

We’ve had lots of enthusiastic volunteers to help with the pigs.

Meeting the pigs

Meeting the pigs

We’ve received the most beautiful gifts from guests.

Painting by Celia Lauve

Painting by Celia Lauve

We always knew being a B&B would involve work, and it does.  Gosh, there’s an awful lot of housework.   It is a constant round of cleaning. I have perhaps become a little obsessed with the weather and trying to get bedlinen and towels washed and dried, and keep floors washed and clean.

Would we recommend doing the AirBnb thing?

Overall, our answer would be yes.

  • Doing it this way is definitely more secure – you have your guests verification before they arrive – and they too can check you out.
  • Be prepared for some early morning starts….. we’ve not had too many of those thankfully.
  • We offer the additional option of an evening meal which does I think add to the guests experience of Irish hospitality.  It also requires organisation and planning in the kitchen.
  • We’ve managed to entertain lactose intolerant, nut allergy folk and vegetarians.  Managing to convert two of the vegetarians to meat eaters has to have been a highlight 🙂
  • The various animals about the place seem to have taken to it too….. the dogs love all the attention and the pigs and hens have behaved mostly, so there’s been no mad dash to get them back to pens when we should be cooking dinner!

Have you used AirBnB?  Someday we will get the chance to get away and will try it for sure 🙂

And, wow!  Just had news that one of our B&B guests has bought a property 2 miles away following on from her stay with us.  How exciting is that?

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