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Last Thursday we had to go to Galway for the second time in a couple of weeks.  Not such an ordeal really.  We both love Galway and although it is only an hour away it is so seldom we get to go and just chill out there!

However, on Thursday last we sort of did that!  We had a 3 pm appointment, but decided to head over early and go for a nice lunch.

I had come across Cava Restaurant in Galway via Twitter.  You can imagine my reaction when I saw them tweet that they were doing a ‘nose to tail’ pork week!  They sure had my attention!

So although we have other favourite spots in Galway, it was time to try out a new place.

Despite Galway City Council digging up roadways and closing down streets – we managed to find Lower Dominic Street and Cava.

It is a mix of all sorts – with parma ham on display, a dresser full of their own sauces which you can buy to take home and lovely wooden tables and chairs.  It wasn’t that busy when we got their for late lunch and were greeted by a very charming Spanish waiter – which of course does add to the charm! 🙂

Interior of Cava Galway

He explained the various options on the menu, but it was the mention of the soup of the day  – Sweet Potato & Chorizo – SOLD!  So it was soup and a sandwich for me.  Himself decided on the same option.

A large jug of water with orange slice and strawberries together with bread and a delicious olive oil was brought to keep us going while we waited.

As we waited we spotted Gerry Galvin of the renowned Drimcong House leaving, so we reckoned it must be a nice place!

Then our lunch plates arrived!


Sweet Potato & Chorizo Soup

The soup was absolutely incredible.

The sandwiches amazing.  I had opted for Spanish Goat’s Cheese and carmelised onion.  Himself went for the steak sandwich.

Steak Sandwich

All this – olives and tea for 2 for €20.

Get there!  The food is amazing.  The staff so nice – we had a long chat about food and wine with Natasha who was also waiting tables.

We will definitely be planning an overnight to Galway so we can go and enjoy some of the Spanish wines, sherries and beers on a fantastic list!

I have told so many people over the weekend about this find I hope we will still be able to get there!

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