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While everyone else in the country is being caught in snow storms, and I even heard mention today of thunder and lightening in Dublin, we’ve just had incredible frosts and ice.  We had a brief flurry of snow two days ago but it didn’t amount to much.  It would almost be nice to see a good fall of snow!  I know we would all get fed up of it pretty quickly, and I’m sure some people around the country are already fed up of it!

As I delivered a couple of desserts around to my neighbour, Anne-Marie, today – she’s entertaining what we shall call potential in-laws tonight – I took the camera along for the walk. (I still haven’t ventured to take the car our – the roads are just so icy).

The camera was brought along in the spirit of continuing with the plan to try to take a photograph each day in 2010….  I even tried to be a bit arty with the ice!

As Anne-Marie said to me today …. I definitely have too much time on my hands!

The road to Anne-Marie's

Frozen Ice

The entrance to the field

The following photograph has nothing to do with the ice and frost…. or then again maybe it has!!!  Our two cats do not get on AT ALL.  But take a look at this picture which was taken last night…..

Cat Truce????

Tonight’s challenge, again as it is Little Christmas, is to take photographs of the Christmas trees before they come down tomorrow.

I promise I will move off the topic of photographs one of these days and write about other things.  I have been trying some new recipes… one cooking away as we speak so will share in the next day or two.

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