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life just gets in the way!

I do feel the blog has been so neglected lately.  However, when I stop and think I don’t know where I found time to write before.  Do you ever feel you are living on a merry-go-round?  I seem to just be jumping from one thing to the other, and at times, feel that absolutely nothing has been achieved.

Having said all that, since I last wrote about Harry’s demise, we have been busy.

We’ve got a new pup.  He’s 3 months old!!  I’d forgotten about the chewing, the peeing, the boundless energy.  It was probably just as well I’d forgotten as we’d probably not have agreed to have one.  He is a pet though, and he is helping Winnie get over the loss of her brother.  Ross has been with us three weeks…. and he now knows two words…. his name and ‘NO!’

Ross - a setter/black retriever cross

Ross – a setter/black retriever cross

The weather has been absolutely amazing for the time of year.  Three weeks of sunshine with temperatures up to 25 degrees C!!!  We didn’t know what to do with ourselves…. and then the rain returned with a vengeance.

We’ve had a busy few weeks with AirBnB guests.  Once again meeting lovely people from US, Switzerland, Germany, England and Ireland.  In fact the next couple of weeks are going to be really really busy with guests which is great…. but there is still room for more 🙂

We did manage to take a day off and take a trip up to Bloom (the major Irish Garden and Food Show).

I'd be happy if my garden looked like this.

I’d be happy if my garden looked like this.

This was the most ‘realistic’ garden of all.

A tribute to the 1916 Rising

A tribute to the 1916 Rising

I loved the wild abandon of the flowers and colours in this garden.

Other news…. our muscovy duck, Mollie, is sitting on eggs, and one of our hens, Mona, is sitting on eggs too… so fingers and toes crossed for lots of cute baby chicks and ducks soon.

The polytunnel despite bouts of neglect is coming along nicely.  We are now harvesting strawberries, herbs and courgettes.

The outside vegetable garden is growing well…. the past two days of rain is really encouraging the weeds though.

I’ve been experimenting with some new recipes too which I hope to share with you soon.  I promise!

How’s life with you?

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It is the last day of April…. we’ve had 4 or 5 beautiful sunny days that made us all think summer wasn’t far off….

And right now there is torrential rain falling… I mean monsoon like… there’s probably going to be a huge surge of growth after all this rain.

I don’t know what put it into my head but yesterday while the sun shone I thought I’d do a little tour of what’s in bloom in the garden right now.

I should explain that I’m not really a ‘flower’ gardener.  I much prefer plants of the edible variety and spend way more time dealing with the vegetables and fruits rather than the flowers.  Most of the flowering plants have been gifts from friends or neighbours with only a handful being bought!  Hence there are quite a few I don’t even know the names of, and quite a few planted in completely the wrong place!  If you can identify them… I’d love to know.

Our ‘flowers’ are kind of divided between three areas….. there’s one bed that stuff was just plonked into and badly needs to be culled… way too much ‘grass’ type plants in it.

Yellow Flower

Blue Flower

Purple Aquilegia

Purple Aquilegia

Pink Aquilegia

Pink Aquilegia

On the other side of our stoop we have a rockery, but again there are plants in there that are really not suited to a rockery.



Borage is everywhere here.  I bought a plant once, thought I’d killed it, so bought another, and now during the summer I have a borage forest…. but hey, the bees are going to love it 🙂

Beautifully scented broom

Beautifully scented broom

We have two broom plants.  One doesn’t come into flower until later in the year, but the sweet scent from this is amazing.

Orange Flower

This stayed flowering all through the winter…. and has just come back in full force this past week.






And then down under the trees there’s kind of a wild garden section.



Wild Garlic in flower

Wild Garlic in flower

I’d love to do a meadow garden…. but that’s still only a dream.

How does your garden grow?


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You’d probably have to be half dead not to know that Bloom was on in The Phoenix Park this weekend.  Farmer Alfie and I have spent a day at Bloom each year since it opened.  This is it’s 5th year, and it has just got better and better each year.

This year I was doubly lucky.  Farmer Alfie and I were scheduled to go yesterday (Saturday), but then Yvonne at Hey Pesto! won two tickets to attend on Thursday and invited me to join her.  How could I resist?  So while Farmer Alfie tiled Yvonne’s hallway for her, the girls headed off to Bloom for a very civilised day out!

Hey Pesto! reporting from Bloom

Yvonne has reported on the food people we met, but I was blown away by some of the gardens!  Oh, to have such green fingers!

Since we’ve been here in Redwood, I have concentrated on growing vegetables and it is only in the past week that I have started a ‘flower’ garden!  When I lived in Donabate it was the other way around, all flowers and a few vegetables.  It was interesting to note that so many of the Show Gardens this year had incorporated vegetables extremely cleverly in their spaces.  Here are some of my favourite gardens….

RTE Super Garden winner

This was an urban garden that included a substantial vegetable plot and even a duck pond and 4 ducks!

More like my space!

This, I think, was the garden sponsored by Bord na Mona.  It was completely populated with wild flowers – foxglove, aquilegia, cow parsley… it was delightful!

An aspiration!

Could we have a water feature like this!

An end of the day space?

Now wouldn’t it be nice to have a space like this to chill out in at the end of a day in the garden?

Farmer Alfie and I were scheduled to head off to Bloom again on Saturday, but he wasn’t feeling well enough to travel so I headed off on my own and joined my brother, Seamus and his family at the show for my second visit!

Definitely going on a weekday is better if you really want to see the gardens. Saturday was busy.

But then it was a different day out as my two nieces were along (aged 6 and 8). They wanted to do different things – Daisy had daisies (of course!) painted on her arm.  Juliet had remembered operating the pottery wheel last year, so had brought along her snowman made of playdoh to show the pottery lady!  The pottery lady was very impressed and showed both girls how to make turtles which they were able to bring home with them!

On both visits the sun blazed down and we were able to have picnics on the lawn.

I resisted the temptation to purchase any plants at all on both visits…. but I did buy these silly ‘flower’ things that you attach to a hose.  One for here to water my vegetables while I go feed hens, ducks, etc. (Although, Farmer Alfie is suggesting it would be great to keep pigs cool on a hot day!)  And one for the girls – which they thoroughly enjoyed and had hooked up to the hose within 5 minutes of getting home!

Definitely two days out to be recommended.

Thank you to Yvonne, Seamus, Patricia, Daisy and Juliet!

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