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I don’t know how many times I’ve been asked – why?

Why do we do the delivery runs ourselves?

Would it not be better/cheaper to have someone else (courier) do the job for us?

And yes, we have looked at the various options.  But in the end, you know what, we get to meet our customers!  It is as simple as that!

We have over the past couple of years built up our customer base.  Our customers understand when we say that we do not ‘kill’ until we have enough orders and the pig is ready for eating!  Then once the meat is butchered and ready to go, we have a frantic couple of days of delivering the fresh meat to everyone.

Last month we had 3 pigs to deliver so that was pretty hectic…. but look at the beautiful places we got to!

One day it was to various points around counties Limerick and Cork… culminating with a delivery to Blair’s Inn in Blarney and The White Sage Restaurant in Adare.

Front of Blair's Inn, BlarneyFront view of White Sage Restaurant, Adare

Some day we will have time to stop and enjoy some food with these guys! The menus are amazing!

And since those deliveries we’ve had people call us who live near us, who came across our name on the menus at both these venues!  Small world, etc!

The following day it was off to Dublin to deliver to lots of families around the city and to meet their dogs (who also enjoy a pork bone or two!)…. we met Sheeba, Storm (who’s particularly found of good bones) and Oscar – all beautiful friendly dogs.

The last stop that day was at Seagrass in Portobello and look what Sean offered us with a cup of tea! Wow!  It all tasted as good as it looks!  If you haven’t been, you need to go there, seriously!

Platter of tapas from Seagrass Portobello

Yesterday, it was a delivery run to Galway.  This time as we were closer to home we took things a little bit easier and stopped for two separate cups of tea and chats!  I’m telling you if we were to stop for a ‘cuppa’ with all our customers, we might never get home!

But that’s why we do what we do… so that we can meet and get to know our customers!

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