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I was so not going to do a ‘looking back’ over 2012 post.  I would be of the belief that it is better to look forward, rather than back.

So much not so nice stuff happened in 2012 I really didn’t want to be reminded, but then when I stopped to think about it, so much really, really nice stuff happened too 🙂

There have been so many funny days and lots of sharing of home-grown food with family and friends.


So here are some of the high points, just because I am so going to ignore all the other not so high moments.


Winning the Lifestyle Blog Award – isn’t that just so totally amazing?  I really, and truly, never ever expected that.  We are still so completely overwhelmed to have received the award, thank you to all who nominated and voted – you are wonderful.  Thank you for the encouragement, support and comments – you make it all worthwhile.

Nothing really to do with the blog, but still these awards have to get a mention when we refer to 2012 – our pork has been awarded a Bridgestone and a Georgina Campbell recommendation….. how cool is that?

Winning 2 awards for our pork

Winning 2 awards for our pork

Being asked to do a ‘Guest Blog Post’ on the Discover Ireland blog, and in the first day over 1500 people read it! Another ‘holy cow’ moment 🙂


Top four posts on the blog

1.   A good death – written about Lucy’s final trip.  And we were able to bring about changes to the process.

2.  Perfect Roast Pork Belly – love the fact that every single week this post is always in the top views.

3.  An Interview with Mona and Ron – this post has had so many views over the Christmas period – do you reckon loads of folks are finally getting to read the book?  I hope sales rocketed pre-Christmas. 🙂

4.  Spread the love – a post written about other bloggers because sometimes the ‘smaller’, not so high profile blogs and bloggers don’t get the recognition they deserve.  I have discovered, read and enjoyed so many new blogs this year, sometimes we need to give recognition. (Even since writing this post, there are so many bloggers I have got to know, there will be a Spread the Love II)

Nothing quite beats our own eggs

Nothing quite beats our own eggs

Foodie stuff

Our favourite food finds of 2012 – Goatsbridge Trout Caviar and Toonsbridge Mozzarella – looking at those two names – do you reckon we’ve got a ‘bridge’ thing going on?  Totally coincidental!  Seriously though you just have to try these wonderful, wonderful Irish foods.

2012 wasn't such a good year for fruit but these were so good..

2012 wasn’t such a good year for fruit but these were so good..



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