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On Saturday we took a couple of hours off to go to Bellefield House.  Had heard through Bloom in the Park that there was a plant sale on…. so, of course, could not resist.

There are so many old houses littered around the country in ruin already or getting there, that it is wonderful to see one that has been lovingly restored.

Having logged onto the website I was jealous before I even got there.

It is an amazing setting for a plant sale.

Courtyard at Bellefield House

There were lots of rare breed plants about.  I couldn’t even think what to do with them! There were hundreds of hellebores in absolutely amazing colours.  We resisted the temptation to bring some home, as we couldn’t figure if any part of our rather wet garden would be suitable.

I did learn why clematis has never grown for me… I am not planting it deep enough!

We were very restrained in the end and just came home with some more Aquilegias, Perennial Stock and Lily of the Valley.  All have now been planted so fingers crossed they will come on.

It was a fun few hours bumping into neighbours and friends that we hadn’t seen in ages…. I even discovered that I knew, Angela, the owner of the house!  We had both worked on a project years and years ago – we thought it would be impolite to try to figure out exactly how long ago.  Isn’t it truly amazing how small the world is?

The walled garden at the back of the house is an absolute haven.  You can easily imagine yourself on a summer’s evening with a glass of wine!  Heavenly!

And then there was the beautiful glasshouse.  Look at those leaded windows!  So you could use this as a potting shed…. or you could sit here with a glass of wine when there was some rain about….

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The result …. hours spent in the garden… a wishin and a changin….

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