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well it was more a case of 8 days, rather than a week!

Autumn leaves

Autumn leaves

Just to give you a flavour of how a week can pan out here….

  • I had occasion to wear make-up FOUR times this week!  A very unusual happening, and most especially so as 3 of those occasions were for social events.
  • I’ve discovered it takes me twice as long to recover from a late night/early morning!  Getting old or out of practice?
  • I’ve been saving all my duck eggs for a neighbour’s sickly calf…. we’ve also contributed garlic powder and home-made cider vinegar to help with his treatment.
  • We’ve been to Dublin once and Galway twice….. again a very strange occurrence.
  • The Christmas ham list must be on draft no. 20 at this stage, it has been edited and re-edited so many many times.  All very head wrecking.
  • We’ve been working on a new 3 day bee-keeping course we will be bringing to you next year.
  • I’ve finally got back on track with making Christmas gifts – Limoncino and Cointreau are in the making.

All of the above are on top of the usual taking care of the animals, shipping out orders, shipping calendars and generally trying to keep the house going.

And the rain and the wind continue!

How’s your week been?

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