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Friday Foto

Lots of harvesting going on here in Redwood ūüôā

Peas and beans

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This is just such an old-fashioned, childish favourite meal.  When was the last time you sat down to such a dinner?

I remember having this – most probably on a Friday – as a child. ¬†In those days you always had fish on Friday. ¬†In fact, I’m sure we probably knew from week to week what dinner was on which day…. Roast on Sunday, followed by left-overs on Monday! ¬†Can’t really remember what would have been on the menu on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, but definitely fish on Friday, and most likely Bacon and Cabbage on Saturday!

Anyway back to fish and chips… I hadn’t had them in absolutely ages and then came across a recipe to make the whole lot from scratch about two years ago in the Irish Times… I think the recipe came from Paul Flynn in The Tannery Restaurant… if not my apologies!

Last week one of my oldest friends, Mary, came to visit and stay for a night or two. Mary came on Thursday afternoon and we treated her to some of our own home grown pork chops. ¬†On Friday, we were joined by Farmer Alfie’s cousin, Mary, and our friend, Yvonne of Hey Pesto! Our neighbour, Anne-Marie also came around and joined us. ¬†Farmer Alfie was completely surrounded by women!

Yvonne and I had been talking for ages of having a fish and chip supper so now was our chance! ¬†Living in the middle of the countryside it isn’t always possible to get nice, fresh fish. ¬†So with Yvonne coming over she did the fish shop in Tullamore on her way here.

I had the beans made…. soaked overnight, then cooked up on the day. ¬†Home-made oven chips and cod done in a lovely light batter a la Nigella Lawson. ¬†It was all really yummy.

Battered Cod

Saturday night was Mexican night…. will update on that soon.

And then this morning… I heard that there is to be a National Fish & Chips day on Wednesday, 26th May…. have I started a trend?

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