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I love my tea.  I probably wouldn’t be wholly Irish if I didn’t LIKE tea…. but I LOVE my tea.

Did you know that the Irish are world leaders in the amount of tea we drink?  Mind you I think I would dispute the figure of 7 lbs of leaf tea per capita per annum.  We drink at least a pound of tea a week in this house – and there are only two of us.

So if I am doing the sums right that means we drink 26 lbs of tea each per annum!!  We may well be the cause of Ireland topping the league of tea drinkers.

And none of that dust in a bag stuff.  We drink tea.  Proper leaf tea which is made in an unwashed teapot!!! 🙂

As you can see I have an array of teapots…. the little one we use to make speciality tea …. no cross-contamination going on in this house 🙂

four tea pots

Some time ago the nice folks at Robert Roberts  sent us a tin of their Campbell’s Tea.  Alfie always claimed it was nicer than my preferred cuppa – Barry’s Gold Blend.

So the tea wars commenced.

Barrys Tea v Campbells Tea

For a couple of days we alternated between Campbell’s and Barry’s.  Then we did a few days of one, and then the other.

I eventually got used to the different flavour of the Campbell’s….. but I’m sorry I won’t be shifting from Barry’s anytime soon.

The Campbell’s taste was nice but to get the required ‘strength’ and depth of tea I found you had to use almost 50% more to match the Barry’s Tea.

I do love the yellow Campbell’s tin though!

It is still sitting in the kitchen awaiting an appropriate use.  It is way too nice to be ditched.

Thank you again to the folks at Robert Roberts for sending us their lovely tea – and for starting a Tea War in the house!

So the result……  an even split…. Alfie still prefers the Campbell’s Tea and Barry’s Tea still gets my no. 1 vote 🙂


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I drink tea.

I don’t drink coffee.  I have tried the occasional cup of cappuccino but found that coffee really does not agree with me.

Now, not alone do I drink tea, I am very particular about my tea. I will very very occasionally drink a herbal or a fruit tea, but even they don’t really do it for me.  I’ve had nice iced tea in America, and the apple tea in Turkey is delightful.  However, the only ‘real’ tea as far as I’m concerned is Barry’s Gold Blend – the leaf type!

And there is a proper way to make tea. Heat the teapot – yes, make tea in a teapot.  Add the tea, and BOILING water – leave to infuse for a few minutes.  Then pour and serve with REAL milk – none of that skinny stuff!

Having recently been at #InishFood where we had a wonderful demonstration from Juan (Barista) and Ross from Bailies Coffee on how to make the perfect cup of coffee, it got me thinking!

Why, oh why, can the Irish not make nice tea!  We drink more tea per capita than any other country in the world – you’d think that we would make it correctly!

No such luck!!!

Here are some of my thoughts….

  • Tea, comes in leaf format…. ditch the dust bags, please!
  • BOIL the water.
  • Heat the teapot.
  • And restaurants why, oh why, do you insist on serving tea in coffee cups???

Restaurants will have their special cups to serve espresso, americano, latte, cappucino…… but never ever do they have a simple thing like a tea cup!  Come on guys you can do it – there are a lots who would appreciate a proper cup of tea when out.  The only place I’ve ever had tea served in a China tea cup was at Queen of Tarts which I wrote about last year.  And I’m not expecting restaurants to invest in China tea cups…. but you know what a mug of tea would be better than a cappucino cup of tea!

Restaurants, foodies and food critics, take such a stand on what constitutes good coffee.  Can we have a tea revolution too?  Why does tea not deserve the same respect?

Come on guys, let’s start serving tea as it should be served. 🙂

Tea cup and plate

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