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A couple of weeks ago our courier, who does the pick ups for our meat deliveries, arrived unexpectedly at the front door.  He was bearing a gift for me!  Doesn’t everyone love gifts that arrive out of the blue?

This gift came from a local company just 20 miles away – Spillane Sand & Gravel.  They had sent me a box of fertilizer pellets and a compost activator, asking me would I use the products and do a review.Bacteriosol

We did some research into Bacteriosol and decided that while it is not registered as ‘organic’.  It is allowable in an organic environment, and is manufactured in France by a leading company in sustainable farming.  I guess it could be best described as a ‘free-range’ fertilizer for the garden (or indeed, on a much bigger scale for farming).

Bacteriosol is made using vegetables and natural minerals, green compost, molasses with an addition of 2.8% nitrogen.  Some folks might object to using it because it is all mixed with ammonium sulfate (85 g/kg).

Our soil here is horrendous.  It is a heavy clay soil that compacts and/or cracks, and in certain parts has really poor drainage.  We have such an abundance of that silver fern-like weed with an incredibly long root, which is a true indicator of poor soil!  I have forgotten the name of this weed, but aren’t we lucky? 🙂

We have worked hard on trying to improve the soil both inside and outside the polytunnel.  Each year since erecting the polytunnel, we have added to the soil.  Last year it was a major layer of horse-manure, this year it was leaf mould.  No idea what we will add to it next year!

Onion sets planted outside

Onion sets planted outside

As anyone who gardens knows, this year planting of anything is way behind schedule!  It is only this weekend that I’ve been able to plant out peas and beans.  Even stuff planted in the polytunnel on 17th February is only coming into its own now!  We are finally able to harvest some salad leaves and radishes – a small step.

Salads finally coming on!

Salads finally coming on!

I have used the Bacteriosol in each bed as I’ve planted.  As of yet I am unable to say what the results will be.  There certainly has been good growth since I started using it, but then again the weather has also improved in the past 2 weeks.  So it could be either reason 🙂

However, in fairness to Spillane Sand & Gravel, with the growing season finally underway, I thought I should share details of their new product with you. Bacteriosol is available to purchase from Spillane Sand & Gravel and can be shipped nationwide at a cost of €10.60 for a 1.2 kg bag which covers 35 sq. metres.

Spillane Sand & Gravel Limited, Ardcroney, Nenagh, Co. Tipperary.

Phone: 067 38271    Email: info@spillanesandandgravel.ie   @Bacteriosol on twitter.

I will keep you posted on how we progress throughout the season.

From a farming perspective – as it is available in bulk format – it has to be good that Bacteriosol reduces the need to spread nitrogen by c. 70% and increases productivity by 30%.  One of our farming neighbours is seriously considering using it on his land – so again I will let you know the outcome from his perspective.

I received the Bacteriosol and Bacteriolit (still not tested) as a gift from Spillane Sand & Gravel, Ardcroney, Nenagh, Co. Tipperary.

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