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You know that question – which came first the chicken or the egg?  We reckon this egg is trying to become a chicken 🙂

Baked egg with rasher

Is it a bird? Is it an egg?

What do you think?

This was one of the recipes submitted in our St. Patrick’s Day recipe competition.  It is delicious Baked Egg and Bacon

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2013 is certainly flying by!  It is only 3 weeks to St. Patrick’s Day.

St. Patrick in Lorrha!

St. Patrick in Lorrha!

So to celebrate we thought we’d have a bit of a competition….

Do you have a favourite bacon recipe?

Or do you have a bacon recipe that you can give a St. Patrick’s Day twist to?

Are you willing to share your recipe?

We’d love to have your recipes.  We will share them on our website/blog.

We will have an independent professional chef choose his favourite…. and yes, there will be a prize – a box of pork/bacon – for the winning recipe.

The nitty-gritty:

  • The recipe must include bacon!
  • If the recipe is not your own, please give credit to the source.
  • Please include a photograph of your dish.
  • By entering the competition you agree to having your recipe shared on our website.
  • Competition is open to all  but unfortunately the prize – a box of pork/bacon – can only be shipped within the island of Ireland, apologies to those overseas.
  • Closing date is midnight on 10th March.
  • Send your entries to margaret(at)oldfarm(dot)ie

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Totally home-grown breakfast! It was yummy!

Bacon, egg and sausages on white plate

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So here we are at the end of January which is tagged as the bleakest month of the year. What could be nicer then than sitting down to a nice piece of roast pork with crackling? Well nothing really!

So with this in mind, Farmer Alfie, has decided it is time for another pig to go to the Happy Hunting Ground in the Sky!

Seriously though, we have had some great feedback from customers who had some of our pork and bacon prior to Christmas….

I remember you asked for feedback on the pork and I am happy to say we were
delighted with it.  We had the shoulder roast the other day and it was

I had one of the chops on Friday night, and I can safely tell you that is the best tasting pork I have tasted since I was in Spain last year, where I had some Iberico pork (and those pigs are fed on acorns)!  My 11 year old was also very impressed with the sausages!

Those of you following my blogs will know that our pork is much darker than that which you buy in the supermarket (probably akin to dark turkey meat).  It is also much much tastier, as the comments above verify.

When we started out selling our pork we opted for the ‘box’ system.  We chose this route as otherwise we found everyone wanted to have pork steak!  Guys there are only 2 pork steaks per pig!  So that wasn’t going to work!  We offer customers a choice of 5 kg, 10 kg or 15 kg ‘box’ or, of course, you can opt to buy a half or a whole pig.

So if you would like to taste our truly yummy pork… contact us and we will send you on the details.

Or follow our progress on our Facebook page.

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