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The weather has finally dried up so Jemima – our Gloucester Oldspot – has the babies out….. 2 weeks old they are 🙂

Jemima's babies

Jemima’s babies

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I know, Auntie Laura, I know you are cross with me for not writing for so long.  To be honest there hasn’t been a whole lot to write about.

The weather has been dreadful.  I’ve had the two girls with me, and with them squabbling and jumping the fence and annoying the farmer that’s been about the highlight of life around here.

However….. the past couple of weeks have been so busy.

I’ve had more babies!  11 to be exact.  Just yesterday.  They’re very handsome and so so cute… but then with me as their Mum and their Dad – Polonius – is a bit ‘hot’ too.  So these guys are going to be very very handsome.  I will send you a photo soon.

Pinky & Polonius with family

Pinky & Polonius with family

Pinky had 8 babies last week….. all black and white, except for one girl who is just the image of her Mum.


I suppose the biggest news of all around here is that Perky is now on the twitter machine.  She is so bossy that one.  And she never stops gloating about being on twitter.  It’s easy for her to be tweeting.  Her brood are nearly all grown up now.  Sure she’s nothing to do all day!  She wouldn’t have been so free and easy with her tweets when her lot were younger.

I heard the farmer say that 3 of her brood were a bit small so he’s moved them into a shed on their own.  They’ve perked up a lot since the move.

Three Musketeers

Three Musketeers

The seven dwarfs (they’re Gloucester Oldspots like me) are still living with Perky… I am looking forward to them moving over to the wood to live with me.  (Could you imagine the beautiful babies we could have?)

Seven dwarfs

Seven dwarfs

So, Auntie Laura, we now have 44 pigs living here on the farm.  That’s keeping the farmer busy.

The babies are sleeping now, so I had a bit of time.  I’ll take some photos later and send them on to you.

All my love.




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Dear Auntie Laura,

I hope you don’t mind me calling you ‘Auntie Laura‘?  I just feel that I can call you Auntie because you’ve given me my name!  And I do so love it, I think it quite suits me really.

It’s a cuddly kind of name – which I am.  Some humans might not think so, but I am, really I am.

When are you coming to visit?

Did my humans tell you that I had babies last week?  Eleven of them.  I am rather proud of them.  They are quite a handsome bunch.  They are white with grey stripes, and ginger with grey stripes. Here are some of the first photographs taken of them.

Jemima's babies at 1 week old

Do you think you could help me with names for them?

Eleven names is an awful lot of names!  I heard the humans say that 11 is the number you need for a football team…. BUT, excuse me, pigs don’t play football.

I’ve heard say that we’d probably be quite good at rugby though.  We are very good at ducking, diving, and side-stepping, so I guess that is what they mean.  How many are on a rugby team?  Would 11 be enough?

The babies are growing up so, so fast.  They come outdoors with me every day, and have started on solids already.  Some of them are already starting to get picky about what they eat!  Do you have the same problem with humans?

Jemima's babies deciding what's for dinner?

I’ve had so many visitors since the babies were born.  A nice human called Mona took these photographs when she visited last week (I believe she’s actually quite famous!).  She had some small humans with her.  I liked them an awful lot.  They brought me extra nice things to eat – apples, oranges and bananas.  I hope they come visit again.

Well, that’s all the news from me for this week.  I am quite busy.

I hope you’ll come visit me soon, before the babies get all grown up.


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This week has been an extremely busy one with so much going on…. but I had to share the big event of the week…. Jemima has had babies.

stripy, spotty and hairy baby pigs!

Watch a video of them taken this evening here 🙂


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