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A special tree

With a lot of the plants we have here, I can easily tell you where they came from, whether they were bought or given to us by friends or neighbours… and I love that, I think it adds more interest to the garden.  Even if it is only for me.

We have many apple trees here.  There are 13 apple trees in the woods beside us, one of which has the most gorgeous cooking apples you could imagine.  Then there are 2 very old varieties that were planted right beside the house a long time ago.

Then there is THE apple tree – a Gala Apple tree.

Gala Apple Tree

Gala Apple Tree

It came with us from Donabate.  Alfie had enjoyed an apple, it now seems like a million years ago, and decided he was going to plant the seed.

I, with my sound gardening knowledge, said “there is no point in doing that, it will never fruit, you have to graft apple trees”.  I was ignored.

The little pip sprouted.  It grew into a sturdy little plant, and by the time we moved down here it was probably about 2 feet tall.  It was left in its tub while we  Alfie decided where to plant it.

Eight months later.  Alfie has chest pains, not feeling well, rushed to hospital, sent home, told nothing wrong.  Local doctor thankfully wasn’t quite happy with this response, so decided to send him for a stress test.

Sent Alfie home until he made the arrangements.

Guess what Alfie decides to do????  Yes, you are right.  He decided it was time to plant THE apple tree.

Major hole had to be dug.  Guess who rings with details of the stress test while he’s down that hole???   Stress test was next day, so, of course, you must finish planting your apple tree.

I have to admit to still scoffing at the idea of expecting fruit off this tree.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, 3 years ago, I drive past THE apple tree and it was in bloom.

And this year it has provided the most amazing apples.

Homegrown Gala Apples

Homegrown Gala Apples

I have been proven wrong.


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