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As we head into the madness that is the shopping before Christmas, I thought I’d share some observations.  Even if you have all your grocery shopping done for now, it might be worth considering for a ‘resolution’ for 2019.

How many of you check the ‘per kg’ weight on items?  And it is not just the ‘kilo’ weight, often I have seen where the 6 pack is more costly than buying individual bottles!

I’ve had discussions with various friends recently, and it seems some do check and others don’t.

Well let me tell you you should.  I recently was on my way to the check-out with my ‘special offer’ on dog food… when I realised I was paying close to 50% more than buying the regular stuff!

Here are two recent examples.

In one supermarket recently they had a 90 g packet of prosciutto at €2.49. Similarly they had the ‘Christmas’ party pack with 150 g….. and the cost of that was €4.99!  So in other words you could buy 180g (in 2 packs) for €4.98!!!

This is the best one though from Aldi, and it features regularly in our local store.

You can buy a 1.5 lt bottle of Malbec for €16.99…. or, wait for it ….. you can buy a 75 cl bottle for €7.99…. exactly the same vintage, producer, etc.

Argentinian Malbec 1.5 lt


Argentinian Malbec 75 cl

Obviously they don’t think we read the labels…. and obviously some of us don’t!

My advice …. look twice at what is on offer, and have a wonderful Christmas.

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You’ll all have been blown away by the lovely photo of Molly and her babies last week.  Well I’m glad to say they are thriving 🙂

She’s even taken them to the pond…. scared the living daylights out of me.  There are cattle in the field too.  She took on two of the cows who attempted to get close to babies…. and she won 🙂

Lifeguard on duty

Lifeguard on duty

When we had our chick born here last year I enquired locally about buying chick feed – the technical term is ‘chick crumb’ – the smallest bag I could get was huge!  And was full of gm maize and corn so I resorted to making my own.

When it came to feeding the ducklings I didn’t even try to buy stuff, I just went on the old ‘google’ and did some research.  Ducklings can tolerate a slightly different feed to chicks.  So I will share the recipe I am using.

As an aside…. I am buying the seeds and dry fruits in our local Aldi store.  I am sure when the high powered Buyers and Marketeers sat down and decided to introduce this new range of seeds…. Duck Feed was not on their list.  I would love to know their reaction 🙂  It makes me giggle at the thought of them sitting there in their suits… thinking healthy breads and breakfasts!  Not Duck Feed!

Seed mix for ducklings

Seed mix for ducklings


  • 200 gr  Rolled Barley
  • 200 gr Porridge Oats
  • 70 gr Sunflower Seeds
  • 70 gr Pumpkin Seeds
  • 70 gr Lentils
  • 50 gr wheatgerm
  • 50 gr sesame seeds
  • 20 gr linseed/flax seeds
  • Sprinkling of dried fruit


I know – I’m probably just being fussy – but I blitz down the first four ingredients…. the pumpkin seeds are the hardest to blitz.  Then just add in the rest of the ingredients.

When I made the first batch it lasted almost the entire week.  This week – there are 11 ducklings – I am making it every second day.  So next week I may resort to making a bigger batch at a time.

Have you guessed that I am a little besotted with these ducklings?


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