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Blogging Mojo

I’ve been berating myself lately that I haven’t written any posts in a while…. I’ve just about managed to keep on top of the Friday photo challenge.

This afternoon I spent some time in the polytunnel weeding, and there is nothing like pulling weeds to give you a bit of perspective ūüôā

I realised this afternoon that I have about two dozen blog posts half written on here, half written in my head, or lined up on one of the endless lists. ¬†So the bottom line is that it’s not my blogging mojo I’ve lost…. it’s my time management mojo that’s gone missing. ¬†And again that’s not true when I reflect upon what’s been happening here in just the past week, it’s no wonder I’ve not been on the computer much.

Oldfarm piglets settling into their new home in Galway

Oldfarm piglets settling into their new home in Galway

Friday last:   deliver 3 pigs to Moycullen (Galway) and 2 chooks to their new home in Galway.

Saturday:      Clean and tidy house in preparation for the arrival of some AirBnB guests Рoh, and cook dinner for them too.

Sunday:         See guests off after yummy breakfast.  Start the washing and cleaning routine.

Monday:       Routine day of feeding animals, fencing, menu planning for next guests.

Tuesday:       Welcome AirBnB guests who are staying for 3 nights and prepare dinner for them.

Wednesday:  Morning spent with TV crew here (big secret which will be revealed in time). Managed a bit of time for some computer work/website updating, etc.

Thursday:     Said good-bye to guests and caught up on some indoor and outside chores again.

And in between times emails are answered, fruit harvested, jams made, meals prepared, pigs fed, fencing changed, ducks and hens looked after, orders taken and shipped out, courses planned Рthe list goes on.

My advice…. take time out to smell the roses, or even do some weeding… it gives you time to think. ¬†And there is the added bounty of the harvest.

home grown french beans

home grown french beans

Really we are not as lazy as we think we are ūüôā

So how has your week been?



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Oldfarm, Redwood

Oldfarm, Redwood

yes, at times we’ve felt like we ran (or at least I did) a B&B over the years! ¬†Especially at Christmas and New Year when we would have family and friends staying.

And, yes, for years people have come and stayed and said ‘you know you should run a B&B’! ¬†My brother has been telling me for years that folks who live in apartments in Manhattan would love to just sit on our stoop (or as I fondly call it my Martha Stewart room¬†– watch this video – I think I have a bit of planning to do before I get to this!! ¬†But a girl can dream, right?)

Anyway back to visitors…. they could sit out there and watch the light changing the view as the sun sets, listen to the birds and watch the grass grow or the pigs graze!

View from the stoop

View from the stoop

So we’ve taken the giant step. ¬†We’ve signed up to AirBnB….. check out our listing!

And folks we’ve had our first couple of visitors!!!!


Besides meeting nice people, it is also going to be a huge geography lesson! ¬†We’ve had a family from Australia and one from Kentucky…. so I’m busy with the atlas checking out where exactly they live!

So far, we’ve had fun with it.

Yes, it is hard work, but as I say we’ve met lovely people which makes it all worthwhile.

We’ve sat around drinking tea, talking and chatting for hours.

And, yes, the folks from Kentucky got to sit on the stoop and enjoy the view!

So wish us luck with this new ‘farm diversification’ venture!

And of course if you know anyone at home or abroad who’d like to come stay in rural Tipperary for a night or two, we’d absolutely love your recommendation.

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