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Pink and Purple

I have mentioned before that the flower garden has not been much of a priority around here since we moved in.

This year we have made some progress, and have managed to acquire some plants.

Lisa (otherwise known as NenaghGal) came to visit yesterday and brought us some foxgloves so I had to take time away from the vegetables to do some flower planting.  I also took time out to take some photos. It was only looking back on them that I realised we have a bit of a pink and purple thing going on here!  Not as part of any big plan, that has just happened!

I have to confess I absolutely love aguilegia so there are quite a few of those! I know lots of gardeners think of them as a ‘weed’, but I think they are so pretty and delicate.

Perennial Stock bought at plant fair in Bellefield


Lupin from Madeline’s garden

Pink Lupin



Summer flowering jasmine

Summer flowering jasmine

Pink Aguilegia

Pink aguilegia

Purple Aguilegia

Purple Aguilegia


And another unknown

And another!!!

And another Pink Aguilegia

Another Pink Aguilegia

Foxglove from Lisa

Foxglove from NenaghGal

The first rose of Summer

First rose of summer

Most of the plants have been given to us as swaps or gifts which is wonderful.

The rose we grew from a cutting taken from a derelict cottage close by.  You see this rose growing practically wild hereabouts…. the perfume from it is wonderful.

If you can identify any of the plants I haven’t named, please do!  I haven’t named them because I can’t!

Thank you!

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