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Well, if you missed it, and it is such a pity you have…. we had the “burgerton” here on Sunday.  You might well ask what’s a burgerton?

Well, it started with late night tweets as to who makes the best burgers!  You can see what happens…. arguments and counter-arguments as to the best mix…. and next thing there is a challenge and a date set for the battle.

So, Sunday 26th August was the date…. and the chefs and cooks lined up to do battle.

bbq's all fired up

The weather favoured us…. it was a beautiful day.  Friends and family arrived.  It was all really about having fun…. and eating, eating an awful lot!!

Tables and chairs set up on lawn

So here’s my list of thank yous….. in no particular order!

Colette & John

Thank you for all the pre-burgerton help.  For the lovely foodie gifts from Co. Louth.  We love the Stockwell Port Berry 🙂  And John you make the best Mojitos!  They were delicious!


Mona & The Chef

Well, I have to say, having abstained from our own burgers… my favourite on the day was The Chef’s turkey burgers with blue cheese butter! Yum!  We both also loved the lentil salad…. must get that recipe (and purchase some of the secret ingredient!) Thank you too to the Wise children for all the help with clearing up.

Lily & Alan

Thank you to Lily and Alan for adding to our pig paraphenalia collection 🙂 and for being my Dublin shopper!  And, of course, special thanks for being brave enough to be the judge!  And her winner was….

Lily announces winner on Twitter


What can you say about this? I asked Daili would she make a pinata…. look at what she made!  Is that girl talented or what?

a piggy pinata

Fiona & Garrett

Thank you to Garrett for taking up the challenge and for bringing such an array of burgers – there was a huge selection!  And they even brought their mini-egg too!

Jonathon & Jessica

As if the desserts weren’t enough Jonathon and Jessica brought a selection of delicious Mossfield cheeses, yoghurts and milk.


Catherine introduced me to Kimchi…. and brought the most beautiful sunflowers.  I love them!



Made sure we had plenty of wine…. and even a special bottle to have when everyone was gone!  Thank you!


Brought a delicious berry tart and other foodie treats… but the biggest hit of the day was baby, Tadhg!


was the only female contestant in the ‘best burger’ category and she brought a gorgeous selection of lamb and beef/pork burgers and salads…. and a rather nice Jerk Pickle!

And there were even people who didn’t get to come along but still sent things!

Major thanks to A Room Outside for the loan of the mini-egg!

And even bigger thanks to Peter at Arun Bakery for all the delicious vlaas and breads… I love your sourdough bread!

Delicious vlaas from Arun Bakery

The day ended with a late night natter and tweeting huddled around the chiminee!

With overnight guests sitting over breakfast for 5 hours the next day!

So what shall we do for the next challenge?  Any ideas?

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It is a comment we use often here in Redwood!  We need to sell the sizzle!  You know what we mean – we know that the pork and bacon we produce is good, but how do we convince the customer?  Well, by letting them experience the sizzle!

In order to do that we are always trying to dream up new approaches…. so at this point I ought to say a huge THANK YOU to Jo at Caragh Nurseries for agreeing so readily when I approached her with one of my wine induced brain waves!

Jo and her husband, Ian, run Caragh Nurseries just outside Naas.  And my idea was simple really – they have the space, we have the pork, we have friends Caroline and Liam from A Room Outside who have the Big Green Eggs.  The three of us get together and ‘share the sizzle’!

Consultations started – we had to make sure not to clash with any rugby dates – and a date was set – 25th March “with a bit of luck the weather might have settled by then’.

Who would have believed how glorious a day it would be?

The sun beamed down on us!  The glasshouses were just too hot to be in!  I got sunburnt!

Getting the bbq's going.

Unpacking the cars, getting the Eggs set up and lit…. a bit of chaos before the calm.

Group chatting around Big Green Egg

Chatting and sharing the sizzle and fun of the Big Green Egg.

Dog with bone

Jo’s dog, Max, became our new best friend!  He waited patiently for that bone which he duly took away to hide somewhere!

sausage roll on bbq

A different take on a sausage roll!  Everyone loved the sausages tho!

Jo hiding behind counter

Jo – hiding behind the counter of their amazing ‘train carriage’ coffee shop!

The Coffee Shop

Crowds at other stalls

The people came and enjoyed the sunshine and the stalls.

Lots of plants

I admired the colour of Jo’s pots…. they are to match their logo!  Don’t you love the colours?

Pink watering can

I was completely jealous of Jo’s watering can…. I definitely need one of these!  My green ones are very very boring!

Dolphins on sticks

As the embers were dying down on the Big Green Egg – Liam was doing a roaring trade in toasting marshmallow dolphins! 🙂

Thanks again to Jo and Ian at Caragh Nurseries.  To Caroline and Liam from A Room Outside who travelled with their Big Green Eggs from Limerick.

Thank yous to all who came along.

And thank you to all the other lovely stall holders we met yesterday.

Together it all worked to make it a lovely day!

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