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life just gets in the way!

I do feel the blog has been so neglected lately.  However, when I stop and think I don’t know where I found time to write before.  Do you ever feel you are living on a merry-go-round?  I seem to just be jumping from one thing to the other, and at times, feel that absolutely nothing has been achieved.

Having said all that, since I last wrote about Harry’s demise, we have been busy.

We’ve got a new pup.  He’s 3 months old!!  I’d forgotten about the chewing, the peeing, the boundless energy.  It was probably just as well I’d forgotten as we’d probably not have agreed to have one.  He is a pet though, and he is helping Winnie get over the loss of her brother.  Ross has been with us three weeks…. and he now knows two words…. his name and ‘NO!’

Ross - a setter/black retriever cross

Ross – a setter/black retriever cross

The weather has been absolutely amazing for the time of year.  Three weeks of sunshine with temperatures up to 25 degrees C!!!  We didn’t know what to do with ourselves…. and then the rain returned with a vengeance.

We’ve had a busy few weeks with AirBnB guests.  Once again meeting lovely people from US, Switzerland, Germany, England and Ireland.  In fact the next couple of weeks are going to be really really busy with guests which is great…. but there is still room for more 🙂

We did manage to take a day off and take a trip up to Bloom (the major Irish Garden and Food Show).

I'd be happy if my garden looked like this.

I’d be happy if my garden looked like this.

This was the most ‘realistic’ garden of all.

A tribute to the 1916 Rising

A tribute to the 1916 Rising

I loved the wild abandon of the flowers and colours in this garden.

Other news…. our muscovy duck, Mollie, is sitting on eggs, and one of our hens, Mona, is sitting on eggs too… so fingers and toes crossed for lots of cute baby chicks and ducks soon.

The polytunnel despite bouts of neglect is coming along nicely.  We are now harvesting strawberries, herbs and courgettes.

The outside vegetable garden is growing well…. the past two days of rain is really encouraging the weeds though.

I’ve been experimenting with some new recipes too which I hope to share with you soon.  I promise!

How’s life with you?

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